Bread Time iOS App

UI & UX Design, iOS Development

Recently, I was introduced to baking Artisan Bread with Ken Forkish’s Flour Water Salt Yeast bread (FWSY) baking method. FWSY baking process is a long process where you have to follow a schedule for each steps of the baking process – when to mix, fold, proof, etc.

I live an active lifestyle. When I want to bake some bread, I don’t always have the time to sit at home and wait around to complete each of the baking steps. I do like making this delicious bread, so to make my life easier (and also to learn iOS programming), I created this BreadTime App. It's an app that calculates the bread baking schedule based on Start and End time. This app makes it super easy for me to plan my outdoor activities around bread baking schedule. This app provides a list of recipes and baking schedule as outlined in Ken Forkish’s FWSY book. As I experiment with different flour combinations, I added my own recipes to the app.

Breat Time App is written in Swift 4.0. I designed the UI and UX. Currently, I'm the only user for this app.

View BreadTime App prototype and workflow here.


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