Spin Sisters Mountain Bike Club

Website & Jersey Design

I volunteer as Admin & Website role for a local mountain bike club called Spin Sisters Mountain Bike Club. In 2017, the club rebranded and had a new club logo. The club made a decision to redesign the club website and jerseys.

I built the club website using TeamSnap website builder. This website is essentially a WordPress site that integrates with TeamSnap, a platform that we use for managing our club. The website uses WordPress theme supplied by TeamSnap. Spin Sisters website was designed so that each committee member can easily update their corresponding web pages (e.g. Rides, Clinics, etc), and that someone else (other than myself) can take over and manage the website in the future, without much difficulties.

For the jersey, our club wanted a sharp design so we stand out among others on the trails.

To view the website, go to www.spinsisters.ca

Desktop Website

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Mobile Website

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Full Zip Jersey

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3/4 Sleeves Jersey

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